Bestard Canyon Guide Boot – First Impressions

After receiving a pair last week, I tried out the new canyon guide boot from Bestard Mountain Boots this afternoon.
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Etive Rafting

Just found a load of old footage from a rafting run down the Etive in 2010, enjoy.


Well I’ve been slacking a bit with updates over the past 6 months so it’s time to get back on it. I’ve got a few adventures planned this year: Nepal for the Winter season then Thailand for Christmas. I’ve also entered 10 In the Glen, a 10 hour trail run on a 10km course up here in Fort William.

Updates to follow.

What SUP?

Given the lack of rain in Lochaber at the moment, we just took delivery of a load of inflatable stand up paddle boards from the guys down at Custard Point in Newquay. These badboys are made of drop stitched hypalon and once they’re inflated to 17psi, are very rigid. We had them down the Awe last week with mixed results (mostly swimming), but they pack up so small that they’ll be coming with us to Nepal in November.

Bomb Flow TV: Episode One, Pucon Chile

Get a load of this:

The leg is almost fixed… time to go boating.

Dead Broke.

After a pretty good start to the summer, I’ve broken my leg. What looked like a pretty bad sprain at first, showed up as a stable fracture of the fibula down next to my ankle. I’ve got another appointment at the fracture clinic next week so hopefully this cast will be off soon. No boating or work until it’s off = bad news.


The eagles has landed…