Monthly Archives: February 2010


I managed to get down to Sunderland wall on Monday night with Ali to have a play with the Schmoolz. We had a quick warm up on a few easy routes, then hit some of the overhangs and got pumped.

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New Toys

I picked up some new toys from the guys over at Schmoolz through the week. I’ll be taking them down for a session at Sunderland wall tomorrow for a play around, so I’ll have some more feedback after that.


After a week of work and crap weather I set off for Helvellyn this morning. Leaving Patterdale at 8:30am, the weather couldn’t have been any better… blue sky, sun, breeze and perfect winter conditions. Striding Edge was in full condition with a well worn goat track leading to the exit slope up onto the summit where some step kicking was required.

After passing along to the summit I dropped down Lower Man and around White Side and down to Glenridding. Pint time!

Jive Talk

I’ve finally got round to making a blog to post up some random thoughts, musings and photos from upcoming trips. Hopefully some of it will be interesting, enjoy..

“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.” – Ernest Hemingway