Rafting the Etive

After deciding on a last minute raft mission a few weeks ago we loaded up the van, headed over to the Etive and got on above Triple Falls.

Pictures courtesy of a French couple who stopped to see what the silly English lads were doing. Tom had a helmet cam so there should be a video of the run up soon.. right down to Last Drop including 2 runs of Right Angle…1 run more successful than the other


5 responses to “Rafting the Etive

  1. That is so cool!
    I was there a couple of weeks before you, not rafting though! And I bet the river was full after the heavy rain in the last week or so; I walked the WHW in it!

  2. wow – this looks awesome! You need to get a packraft…

  3. ps – do you know the Roaming Dials blog?

  4. Thanks Al, I’ve just had a look through the Roaming Dials blog – some awesome stuff. I’d love to get my hands on a Packraft… I’ve got a rafting trip on the Karnali this November but funds are a little low at the minute to allow me to take a packraft. Did you buy yours direct from Alpacka or did you pick one up second hand?

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