Sunny Scafell

I’ve had a pretty quiet couple of weeks so not much to update, however I did manage a day up Scafell Pike last week. After a 4 hour drive and a near miss on the road along by Wastwater we arrived at the famous Wasdale Head Inn and set our tents up in the campsite.

Once we were sorted we headed into the Inn and found the bar…it’d have been rude not to! A few (or five) rounds of Black Sheep saw us through until closing time and it was time to get some sleep so we headed out into the rain back to the tents. Although my tent had been fine when I pitched it, it looked a little different when we returned to the campsite. It seemed both of the main poles had cracked, causing the tent to sag miserably…making for a damp night sleep.

An early start and a chocolate laden breakfast had us packed up and on our way by 8am. The original plan was a walk up to Scafell via Lords Rake then over to Scafell Pike however with awefull visibility we missed out on the scramble up Lords Rake. After passing a load of 3 peaks challenge walkers on their way down we got up onto a windy Scafell summit and had a quick drink.

Dropping down behind Scafell we headed up to Scafell Pike for few quick photos.

Not wanting to hang around in the typical English rain we quickly descended back down to the car, passing a family on the way up wearing little more than jeans and polo shirts. They were a little surprised that it would take them at least an hour and a half to get to the summit and quickly turned round. All in all a good day, but definitely time to get a new tent.


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