Ben Nevis via. CMD Ridge

With an unusually good weather forecast for the weekend ahead, we set off for Fort William on Friday morning. Not long after getting picked up, Ste announced he had left his jacket at home – oops!
Five hours later, after listening to the same CD on repeat for the whole journey, we arrived at the campsite in Glen Nevis. Signing in we were informed that we couldn’t leave the site before 6am and then asked if we “were going to get drunk and go round the campsite breaking into cars?” I don’t think we look that much like car thieves!

Once all the tents were pitched we made dinner and got some sleep.

Having packed a rather under rated sleeping bag and being awoken by some shouting idiot at 3am I had a bit of a cold night “sleep”. With a quick liquid and chocolate breakfast we set off at about 7.30am and crossed the River Nevis just opposite the youth hostel. Passing a few 3 peaks challenge groups, we broke off from the crowds and headed left around the shoulder of Carn Dearg into Corrie Leis.

A quick sugar break above the CIC hut and we set off straight up to the ridge, getting on just below Carn Mor Dearg.

With the sun out and a nice cool wind, the weather couldn’t really have been much better as we traversed along the ridge.

Scrambling up the ridge to the summit plateau, we got a great view of the face of the Ben covered in rime. Dan and I stopped to get a few pictures at the top of the ridge before heading over towards the summit.

Being a Saturday, combined with the great weather, the summit was pretty busy with various groups tagging the summit and racing off back down. We stopped for a while and took a break next to the summit shelter to do a bit of people watching in the sun.

Following the crowds we weaved our way back down the busy “tourist track” which was a bit of a contrast to the ascent previously that morning. Passing a group on the way up Ste joked to them that it was only 4 miles to the top. This got a pretty blunt reply from a broad Scottish woman in the group and she told him in no uncertain terms to “Faaack Offf!” Arriving back at the campsite, the sun still had its hat on so we sat outside and sampled a few ales. The pleasure of leisure.


2 responses to “Ben Nevis via. CMD Ridge

  1. That just made me LOL! Stunning views, and from the summit too!
    That was a hell of a bright pack too – what was it?
    Look forward to more posts :o)

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