Pinnacle Ridge, St. Sunday Crag

On the premise of a clear day, myself, Dan and Shaun set off from Glenridding to Pinnacle Ridge on St. Sunday Crag – one of the classic (if not a little short) scrambles in the Lakes. Leaving the crowds in the carpark at Glenridding we walked round to Patterdale and headed up Grisedale.

At Elmhow Plantation, we headed up towards the scree slope beneath the bottom of the crag with little hope that the clag was going to clear up by the time we got up there.

After skirting up the left of the scree slope we reached the base of the ridge and started the scramble up with less than geat visibility.

Probably one of the more tricky parts is the short chimney pitch. If we’d had any nervous members in the group, a confidence rope would have been useful.

Just at the end of the ridge there’s a bit of a down climb, but it’s not too tricky as there’s good holds.

At the end of the ridge we didn’t quite get the view we’d hope for…still a good morning out all the same.


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