Nepal – November 2010

A few random flicks from my last trip to Nepal in November, enjoy.

Road side lodge we stayed in on the drive in to the Karnali… the basement suite.

A seat on the bus with a view.

Definitely time to get out and walk. Seconds earlier the bus was over at a near 45 degree angle! Surprising it didn’t tip really… god knows what condition this road would have been in during the monsoon.

That’s a nice hat you got there mister!

I can think of worse views to start my day.

Nepalgunj Airport. We spent a few hours swatting mosquitoes before our plane arrived.

Probably the most comfortable sleep I’ve had on a bus in Nepal, on the way from Pokhara to Fishling.

After a bit of ambitious off-roading at the start of the Himalayan Challenge down river race, we stop to remove a large rock from between the rear wheel.

Paddlers going through “Upset” on the Trisuli during the down river race.

Nepal Association of Rafting Agents.

“GRG..I’m dynamite” – Team Maila.

The boys celebrating after prize giving.

Suman with his inflatable croc – he won it for clearing all the gates on the slalom (beating everybody) and then swimming before the final gate.


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